Other Family Law Areas

There are often a variety of different reasons why individuals start to think of needing help with a family law matter in California. People who are considering seeking a divorce from their partner tend to must contact an experienced California family lawyers. We also cater the following family law areas:

  • Multi-State and International Jurisdictional Issues
  • Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)
  • Divorce coaching and consultation

Normally, these areas carry with them great stress, anxiety, and fear because California’s laws are difficult to understand. However, with the help and guidance of our competent family law attorney, all these complex issues will be resolved.
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International and Multi-State Jurisdictional issues

California is one of those states that is home to a large number of international residents. This results in marriage between people of different nations. Because those in a marriage can decide to go their separate ways no matter what country they may reside in or what their backgrounds are, it’s only natural for local attorneys to be needed in cases of a foreign divorce. While marriage between two American citizens would connect two people, it must be noted that such unions from multi states that include foreign nationals can lead to critical issues. It doesn’t matter how small the issue may be, every divorce has its own problems that need to be dealt with that include child custody, marital assets division, and alimony. However, when it comes to foreign divorces, there are other factors that must be considered as well. International family laws and foreign jurisdictions will have a significant impact on how couples proceed in a divorce case.

The regulations regarding international divorces vary from state to state. When it comes to international divorces, it must be noted that more than one country will have jurisdiction over the international divorce case. It must be noted that the jurisdiction that you choose to initiate the proceedings can have a major influence on the outcome of the case. This is because the law of the state where you initiate the case will be applicable in the divorce case. For example, if you are filing an international divorce case in the US, then a fair settlement can be reached between the spouses.

These can be extremely complex issues, particularly when children are involved, and there are assets in other countries that must be valued. Matters of jurisdiction and how to sort out all the issues in the divorce will require assistance from our divorce lawyer. 

Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

A lot of times couples in California go for mediation when they are trying to dissolve their marriage since this process is more efficient and less expensive than the traditional way of getting a divorce.

Mediation is just one way to avoid litigation during divorce proceedings. During mediation, both parties meet outside of a courtroom to work out the different issues face-to-face. Each party is represented by a divorce lawyer, and a neutral third party who is trained to resolve such disputes guides the meetings. This person uses problem-solving methods to help couples express their concerns, listen to each other’s needs, identify issues, explore options, and reach favorable resolutions.

Other Forms of ADR for Divorcing Couples

The following are some of the ways in which a divorce can be finalized without involving litigation.

Collaborative Law:

It is similar to mediation. However, there are some differences between collaborative law and mediation. Unlike mediation, the attorney will not represent the client if the case goes for litigation. Therefore, the attorney would want to resolve the matter in ADR instead of pushing it for litigation to make money.

Private Judges and Arbitration:

You can also hire a private judge. Even though it will make the entire process expensive, but it will help in finalizing a contested case, thus it will save you more time. The normal court process can be very time-consuming, therefore by hiring a private judge you can get the work done in less time. This is because everything will be handled at one, therefore the judges and lawyers won’t have to go through everything multiple times in various hearings. In this way, hiring a private judge will be saving you time and money, and your case will be resolved as well.

Advantages of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Many couples seeking a divorce have been satisfied with the results of ADR. The following are some of the reasons why couples prefer ADR over the traditional divorce litigation:

  • No hostile environment
  • Collaborative environment
  • Low cost
  • Less negative impact on children
  • More control over the decision
  • Quick results

Divorce Coaching and Consultation

While a good attorney can handle the legal aspects of your divorce, and your attorney needs to be understanding and sensitive to your concerns, other aspects of a divorce may require other kinds of help. Divorcing spouses often have anger, fear, and depression issues, barriers to communications with the ex and the kids, or difficulty with the parenting schedule or the new financial situation. When these are the kinds of challenges you face, you might consider looking into help from a “divorce coach.”

We can help you provide divorce coaching and consultation to help you overcome the stress and the trauma you had to face during these difficult times. Also, through divorce coaching and consultation, the attorney will guide you and help you understand the legal process that is involved in such cases. Unlike normal cases, where the lawyer will act on your behalf, in legal coaching, the coach will just make sure that everything that you are doing is correct.

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